This game is Blizzard Entertainment version of League of Legends or DOTA and it’s not called a multiplayer online battle arena or action real-time strategy but a hero brawler. You can choose from your favorite heroes from Blizzard franchises such as Overwatch, StartCraft, The Lost Vikings, Diabio, HeartStone and Warcraft. During the making of the game it was a part of a custom map called Blizzard DOTA in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty that showcase mods at BlizzCon 2010. Blizzard Entertainment Vice President Rob Pardo felt that Valve was using that Trademark name DOTA that was originated from the Warcraft Community. Blizzard filed a lawsuit against Valve for claiming the DOTA trademark, after the dispute has settled Valve retain the named DORA and Blizzard Entertainment had to change the named to Blizzard All-Stars. After the game reached a significant internal testing milestone and looking to put their own spin on it, it was change to Heroes of the Storm (due to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm) by the Blizzard All-Stars team.



Let’s talk about the gameplay is the same as League of legends, DOTA, Paragon but slightly different mechanics. There are 12 maps with three lanes where are guarded by turrets (make sure you destroy them with your minions). You ca choose up to 64 heroes from Blizzard All Star franchise with their signature moves and abilities. There are four classes Assassin, Warrior Support and Specialist, also there is mobility to get to specific area in the map. In-game there is no leveling up to get new abilities, you have to fight and earn talents to strengthen characters abilities. You can also grind by going to neutral camps and defeating monsters. There is no shops in-game but you can buy skins, characters and more buy winning games and leveling up. There are game modes you can play such as Tutorials, Versus A.I., Quick Match, Ranked Play and Hero Brawl. In a map there is certain side objective such as fighting a boss, collecting souls and visit alters. If you are a huge Blizzard fan and a MOBA buy this game. Heroes of the Storm is available now on PC.

Source: Gamespot



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Heroes of the Storm – The Ultimate Blizzard Crossover MOBA Review

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