AAA Titles Games and VR Is So 80s Says Cliff Bleszinski


Cliff Bleszinski did a panel at Dubrovnik’s Reboot Develop 2017, where he talks about state of AAA games and what they cost $60 and DLC. Bleszinski quoted that “nearly unsustainable” due to the very high on aspects like graphics, feature sets, polish and overall quality. He used examples such as  Horizon: Zero Dawn due to the seven years of development and says  “its main focus is actually to sell PlayStation consoles rather than just copies of the game”.  Bleszinski also presented  Digital AA games such as Warframe, Rocket League and RUST  and his own Lawbreaker saying that due to the limited budget these games are successful. As for the “VR is in the 80s period” which Bleszinski quoted in the panel.  Bleszinski is a fan of VR since the 80s due to array of wave person shooter during the Atari days.  Bleszinski worries about developers s learning how to properly use VR and the technology itself still constantly improving in the near feature.



Here is my rebuttal for the presentation, AAA games have the larger amount of quality and content in their games  such as Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Call Of Duty and many more. It takes times and  years of development due to it being hyped up  at E3 also stating that “it’s the most anticipated game in fall 2017”. AA  titles doesn’t get the most hyped like AAA titles because of developed and quality of the game. For example indie games, the developers are independent and their are not working for Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. There are a small individual who is inspired by AAA titles to develop a game that hopes for them to get exposure in the industry such as Shovel Knight and Minecraft. Sometimes indie are developed within 3 or more years due to ti’s limited staff  and budget which they have platforms such as Indiegogo and  Kickstarter to get the funds to complete the game. The quality of indies can range from low to high due to amount of the time these developers put into it. Make sure it has no bugs and glitch or problem in the game. For exposure, indie developers can use social media, blogs and websites to promote their game. As for VR I think it still a beta to me because it does have problem but in the near future they will be able to get a grasp of the technology. Video games costs are manly about quality and hoping to sell copies and consoles at the same time but you pay extra when it comes to DLC. As for myself I used to get $60 games but not anymore I get discount because after the release date the cost will go down later on throughout the year.  Just remember video games take time to develop and try to make the best quality game you ever seen.

Source: Wccftech


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