Indies of the Week #10 – Valiant


Hello and welcome to another indies of the week! this theme is Valiant meaning bravery. In video games the main character goes on a journey and meets countless obstacle and trials. I will be counting down some indies that have this motif.  Here we go:

7. Soma Spirits: Rebalance -Torch60


This is a choice-driven RPG which is heavily based on choice in the world. You play as two beings heart and soul (that’s deep) who travel back in forward between World of Sorrow and Joy to find themselves. The game features multiple opportunities to change the story’s outcome, music changes when you are in the two  worlds, five endings and outcome in the main story. The combat system (which reminds me Dragon Quest) let you switch characters with each abilities and three different difficulty levels. If you want a indie where you can switch between characters in different world, support this game and it;s available on Steam now.


6. Rabbit Story -IPie


This is a cute top-down adventure game which you play as a Rabbit who forgot his friend Kitty’s birthday. Now Kitty runs away and Rabbit is on a journey to find Kitty due to guilt. The gameplay is a mini-games, combat which you uses a flashlight to fight ghost and searching for hidden carrots. I can see this a aim from younger audience and older. If you want a cute game like this one make sure you support it on Steam Greenlight.

download (1)

5. Fairy Song – 2Pblog1


This is a free exploring indie game, you play as a fairy who is searching for something. The features auto-saves and Atari-like visual, you can use the mouse to control the fairy and make it go fast. If you want a game with a change of pace this is for you. Fairy Song demo is available and it’s still in development.


4. Winter – Madorium Interactive

download (2).jpg

This indie is a episodic adventure-puzzle game, you play as Viktor a man maintaining the remnants of his sanity as he tries to find his way back home. The graphic in this game reminds me of Alone in the Dark. The game features exploration of Viktor mental state and dig into his dark past. Also has a point and click mechanics and  nuanced original soundtrack. If you want a dark point and click indie game this is for you. Support his game on Steam Greenlight.


3. NEKO-NIN exHeart – Whirlpool

header (1).jpg

This is a visual novel indie game, you play as a main character who two ninja cat demi-human who you eventually grow attached to and also here to serve you. This is just like any visual novel game you have your save, load, fast forward text and  more. Also have different routes and multiple endings. If you anime love cat girl ninja buy this game on Steam.


2. Knights of Galiveth – LunarCore Games LLC

header (2).jpg

This is a multi-character metroidvania style action RPG with permdeath meaning once your character dies their are gone fornever. You play as a group of knights trying to get rid of a dark prince named Rhigor from unleashing darkness across the land. The game feature multi-characters which you can switch at anything with unique abilities.  Note: When you lose a character you can’t revived them. If you want a game that reminds you of Lost Vikings buy this game. Knights of Galiveth will be available on May 1, 2017 on Steam.


1.  The Man Came Around


This is a  survival indie game filled with though choice,  You play as five citizen who are trying to leave a massive protest between an activist organisation- and the government intensifies. The game features a storyline of a falling democratic system, making choice which leads to sacrificing a member or making deals to survive. This also have permdeath if one of the five main characters dies, they will be gone forever . You can explore a maze to find your way out and a trama system which characters can feel guilt and stress. If you want a unique choice indie game support the game on Kickstarter.


That;s all for today and tune in for next week for indies of the week. Make sure you support these indie and the developers, see you next Sunday.



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