Is It Too Late to Start a Blog and Do It For a Living?


The answer to that question it’s not too late to start a blog. Make sure you have an idea and brainstorm on what topics or theme you what your blog to be about. I know starting off small is difficult but the more work you put into it the better the result. There is a quote I like to recited “If there is opportunity always take the shot” that means if you run a successful blog you are more likely to get sponsorships, mentions, rewards or maybe be on the News. When creating a blog you also have to find a niche, what makes you stand out from rest? My topic is gaming I review and talk anything that involve video games but it’s a saturated market because there are many video game news or blog outlets out such as Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot and many more. To be honest I can’t complete with these outlets but I want to be different than them. My goals for the blog is to extended it and do it for a living because I love writing and expressing myself online. As of now I wouldn’t see revenue no time soon because I am still a small blogger and don’t have enough traffic right now but I am see the result since I started last year in October 2016. I will keep on pushing to get a following and audience that will enjoy my blog posts.



Note: for people who think that blogging is a get rich-quick scheme don’t go with that mindset because it will not end well for you. Do it because you love it and passionate to express yourself in writing I understand that some blogger want to do it for a living but there are some don’t want to make money, just doing it as a hobby. Growing a blog doesn’t come overnight it takes time and patients, don’t get upset if someone get award or have a big following than you. It’s about of starting small and getting exposure as a blogger. If you want to get more traffic for your blog make sure you have social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many more. Share them with other and also network with other bloggers (if you are up to it). You can also turn your blog into a business by having affiliate marketing links such as Amazon, CJ Commission and more. It’s optional if you want to put a Patreon or PayPal for donating but don’t expect to get any money from visitors just yet. You have to power as a blogger to change the way of writing by expressing your feeling and opinions on each blog post. If you want to using blog and looking for a great outline to start you blog WordPress is the place follow this link to get started.


3 thoughts on “Is It Too Late to Start a Blog and Do It For a Living?

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  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. Even though my gaming days are behind me, I still like reading about videogames, and I love it that you put a spotlight on older games indie games. I hope your blog will get noticed by more people, because it definitely deserves it 😊


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