Fallout 4 – Saving Your Child Review


This is the sequel to Fallout 3 and a highly anticipated game of 2015. Bethesda Game Studios and Softworks brought us a game that will win a lot of awards and became one of the most popular RPGs next to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dark Souls. During the development of the game unlike the pervious titles Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 uses a new engine called Creation Engine (which was created for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) which allows a revamped character editor system ( I will talk more about that later) that allows freeform creation of faces without the use of sliders. Bethesda stated that the game will run at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with a second screen for the Pip-boy for mobile devices. For PC and console director Todd Howard revealed mods would be usable in PC and hope the team would bring the in PlayStation 4 version. As for the Creation Engine, it also allows open approach to conversations with NPCs and next-generation god rays and advanced volumetric lighting for visual effects, textures and cloth simulation system.


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Forsaken Castle – An Anime Metroidvania Kickstarter


This game is a indie that has been Green-lit by Steam and it’s a metroidvania-ish platformer. The story of the game as follows Lily is a newly appointed paladin sent to investigate the appearance of undead near the sleepy little village of Atoh. Her search lead her to an old castle that was known to have been long since abandoned. Now, the castle has seemingly come back to life, with faint lights visible and the drawbridge closed in the distance. Duck Block Games already reach one of the stretch goals the funding  of 10,000 along with New Game +, Boss rush mode, Valkyrie Lily, Playstation & PS Vita and more. There next goal is to get it on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One make sure you support.


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Why the Hate for Role Playing Game?


Here is the question why people hat Role Playing games in general? Is it too hard? Is it made in Japan and too anime-ish? Do you want an easy way to complete the game? Here is a news flash for you RPG haters, nowadays every genre of video games has RPG elements in them. You can’t play the game like the old days where you unlock stuff by completing the game or go through certain condition in-game. Like it or not Role Playing Games are growing every step of the way. In statistics by Leafly (image below) Role Playing are at 17 % than shooters (32%) and action (20%) games. Which is the third most played genre in video games but it made be different than the other graphics. There is another a best-selling graph which Role Playing is at 7.2% which is rank four next to adventure, sports and shooters. I wouldn’t count role playing games as a weak genre. Let’s talk about role playing games in general, RPG is you play as a hero or heroine whatever you choose to play based on the game. You journey into a world where you save the world, rescue a princess whatever plot that the game has. You can’t go on an adventure without weapons, items and magic because if you don’t its game over for you. Sometimes you can’t go on an adventure alone you will meet people will join your cause (which is a party). If you want information and clues there are NPC (non-playable characters) that will help you choose wisely. As a hero or heroine you will want to get stronger that’s why it called leveling up.


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Indies of the Week #14 – Nonlinear


Welcome to another option of Indies of the Week! This theme is non-linear which based on the design of the indie such as straight lines or proportions. Let’s see what indie we have today.

8. Raise The Dead – Colossal Wreck


This is a fun zombie experimentation indie game, which you can research, herd, and raise the undead. I am liking the lighter tone to the game and reminds me of Plants Vs Zombies and Garry Mod. This game feature a FPS simulation style, create your lab, farm plants not just zombies. There are upgrades for your research and development. IF you want  a cute zombie simulation game support it on Indiegogo and Stream Greenlight.

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Why Nintendo Consoles Are Not for Hardcore Gamers


Nintendo main mission is to bring family together and what a great time. Not like console Xbox, PC and PlayStation which are dedicated to hardcore game. Nintendo’s main genre are adventure, casual, puzzles and party games, while PlayStation, Xbox and PC are shooter, MMOs and sports games. Nintendo games are light-hearted tone and gear towards younger audience and family. That’s why Nintendo try to stray away from violence games (in the 90s they had a censorship on SNES console). Nintendo does have a shooter called Splatoon which is non-violence and I would say it’s up there with Call of Duty, Overwatch, Battlefield 1 and other shooters. I think Nintendo might consider developing gearing their games to hardcore gamer but Xbox and PlayStation are champion of that. Due to Nintendo content guidelines games couldn’t have nudity, sexuality (Bayonetta 2), profanity (Conker’s Bad Fur Day), blood, (No More Heroes), drugs, and religious symbols. Speaking of Bayonetta 2, No More Heroes and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, these fit the category but Nintendo chose to abolish most of these policies in favor of consumers making their own choices about the content of the games they played which is a great move for thinking of the players. As For Xbox, PC and PlayStation no policy nor guideline doesn’t exist because there are thinking about consumer and what game they choose to play just like Nintendo.


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Unity on Twitch – Everyone is Welcome #TwitchUnity


Last Week Twitch announced Twitch Unity which is wide holiday that celebrates inclusivity and diversity on their platform. I am happy that Twitch is doing this because the platform has become a place that people express themselves such as being a gamer, artist, chief and podcasters. Twitch just announced Twitch Affiliate Program (which I still hoping to get an invited) and their partnership with Amazon which offers players to connect their Prime account to get access to loot, music , watch ad-free stream and more benefits. On May 26 I will be celebrating it on my stream (if you have not follow me on Twitch do so) and they offer Twitch Unity global emote and free graphics package. If you want to participate you have to set your stream on TwitchUnity Community (if you are a streamer) but if you not you can drop the Twitch Unity global emote in your favorite streamers on that day. You can buy a Twitch Unity T-shirt on Teespring and the proceeds will go to Amnesty International (also make a donation). Twitch will stream a Special Weekly Takeover on May 26 and following a 3 hour Just Dance-a-thon from their office.


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