Street Fighter V Removes DLC Temple Hideout Stage for Islamic Chant


Capcom release a DLC stage for Street Fighter V called Temple Hideout  from Street Fighter 2 but the BGM music got a Islamic Chant in it. Some people was offended by this because of religious references, Capcom remove the DLC for PSN, Xbox Store and Steam and quickly replace the background music. For player who already download the stage their will be a emergency  maintenance update for the stage. The replace for the DLC stage will be Bison’s Street Fighter V theme, note the edited version of the Temple Hideout will release on a later date. If you want to listen to the soundtrack (1:20 mark), in my opinion is that company should be careful with these types of things like religious, race and gender. You don’t know who you might offended because this is not the only time Capcom face backslash.



Remember Rashid (character above), 9/11 controversial  when Capcom announce him in at a event in Dubai.  People got mix feeling out him and joke saying ” “Is he ISIS or Al Queda?” because he from Saudi Arabia. To me that’s racist and I understand Capcom wants to represent ever nationality in the world but we can’t forget 9/11 a tragic day in American History. Rashid turn about out to be a great character due to his wind attacks. Capcom brought back a stage from my childhood Bison Temple Hideout I remember playing this on my SNES and rage quitting with Bison defeated me some many time and I love the theme song.  That’s stage takes me back and this should be a lesson to Capcom watch for culture sensitivity content such as religious because people got their beliefs and can be offended easy. Let’s hope Capcom learn from this in the future.  Street Fighter V is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.

Source:  Shoryuken



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