Sonic Is Going Extreme – A Unreleased Sega Game Revealed


YouTuber Unseen 64 uncover a hidden Sonic game called Sonic The Hedgehog Extreme which is developed by  Vision Scape Interactive (who also made Rocket Power) but the company didn’t get Sega permission to make the game. The goal of the game is you have as  Sonic and friends  in a Tony Hank style pro-skating game where you do tricks and collection rings. This game was a prototype and there are three modes Mission, Combat and Race.  Here is the details: The project started around 2002 and was heavily inspired by the developers previous titles that they had worked on. They wanted to use the models from Sonic Heroes and use the characters in the hover-boarding prototype. There were mission modes, racing modes, and music from Sonic Adventure 2. The team sat down with Sega to show them the project and ultimately, Sega ended communications with them about the game and moved on to make Sonic Riders on their own. Vision Scape believed that the premise of Riders was strikingly similar to the pitch that was presented two years earlier by Vision Scape.



Here is my thoughts on the situation, Sega took  Vision Scape Interactive ideas and make it there own. Vision Scape had a meeting with Sega and they were impress by the prototype but Sega don’t response to Vision Scape propose on the game. I felt sorry for Vision Scape because they should be credited for Sonic Riders didn’t. I would file a lawsuit for against Sega but it’s there property sadly and can’t do nothing about it.  Vision Scape is no longer operational but I have played Sonic Riders not knowing it’s ripoff another game. Both parties was wrong for this, Vision Scape should get permission and consult with Sega about making the game before showing off a phototype. Sega should have acknowledge Vision Scape for Sonic Riders because Sega don’t come up with that idea on their own Vision did. There is a lesson to this when you develop a game for a well known company like Sega make sure to talk to them first before you make because when will that take credit for your idea.  I wonder what other games that are unreleased?

Source: Twinfinite


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