League of Legends – Summon Your Champion Review


Art by Knkl

Lol (not laughter) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Riot Games. The game goals is to for a team of 5 more less to destroy the each other Nexus and defenses which protect it like Tower Defense. This game was inspired by Warcraft and it’s a very popular MOBA in the gaming world. I a lot of people stream this game on Twitch and YouTube, over 7.5 million people played and download League of Legends and its rank first in the most watched game. The development in this game, when Riot Games developers Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill partnered with Steve “Guinsoo” Feak (who designed Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne) and Steve “Pendragon” Mescon (Defense of the Ancients) who help designed the game. Gusinsoo was involved with DOT Allstars mod and put his own spin on it with expanding a number of heroes, gameplay and items, then passed the mod to IceFrog after accepting a job at Riot Games. Defense of the Ancients was another inspiration for League of Legends and the game was praised by the DOTA community members of being fun and innovative with enhanced features. Riot games opens its doors in September 2006 and over 1,000 staff are developing League of Legends.


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Sega Is Planning On Reviving Their Past Games


During the fiscal year Sega has propose to remastered and bring back their classic titles and IPs.  Sega released to PowerPoint called Road to 2020  and in the presentation  there is some points that Sega points out. First, Create titles that will become global hits,  Revival of major IPs, Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games, expand overseas publishing business and Establish digital marketing business.  Sega is focusing on digital sales, making new IPs and expanding their business throughout the world.  I think this is a good make by Sega because we don’t see to many Sega games other than Bayonetta, Yakuza, Total Wars and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega’s mission is to continuing to create moving experiences and make a profit sales of least Y 30 billions.  Sega is carefully choose their titles and hoping to make a great hit and investments of the IP. The company is planing to make a gobal system to promote development. There are also aiming for moblie devices, computers and console. After Sega make old and new IPs, they will expanded to other regions like Europe, Asia, North American and Domestic that’s their business strategy .


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Indies of the Week #13 – Dynamic


Happy Mother’s day and welcome to indies of the week. This theme is dynamic, a indie game can have dynamic gameplay and characters. Let’s see what indies we have:

7.  Botlike – Binjigames


Botlike is a  fast paced action platformer indie with roguelike elements. You play as a robot named S.I.R was is fighting against a organization called Security Service of the League who ranged war against human creators.  In this game you collect 10 weapons and upgrades to make it more powerful. There is a item system which you can combine them to make a monster items. If you love a robot action platformer support this game and visit the website for more info.

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Are Video Games Play Like a Cinematic Film?


Kevin Spacey!

In years of video gaming, the industry has evolve into a franchise which take the player for a ride like a roller coaster. The thrill of being a protagonist whether female or male, talking a journey on their story and having a connection with the game. As for cutscenes in video games some can be iconic or tell a story about the game. Let me tell you a history of in-game cutscenes, in 1980s Pac-man was the first game that has cut scene, for example Pac-Man and Blinky chasing each other after winning the stage. Later there is a laserdisc games called Beg Battle which features full-motion video (FMV) with video acting. After cut scenes was incorporated in Prince of Persia, Maniac Mansion and Zero Wing (which has that meme “All your base are belong to us”. Cut-scenes are mostly in CD-Roms due to the amount of media data storage in the disc. It can’t be in a game cartridge because they will have to compress it into kilobits. Video Game developer Ron Gilbert stated “that player has no control over cutscenes”, I beg to differ maybe back in the 80s but nowadays there is a term called “quick time event” I will explain that later and you can skip it too. There is a different types of cutscenes such as live action for example Wing Commander IV and The Lord of the Ring. They use actors such as Mark Hamil or Malcom McDowell to play the characters in the game. As for movie-tie games, they used film footage to what the game is based off. Pre-render cut-scenes which uses CGI or cel animation for example Final Fantasy VII and Grim Fandango.


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Why Kids Under 18 Shouldn’t Play Call Of Duty or Online Games


Online gaming is a great way to make friends, join a community and play together, but there potential dangers in putting yourself in an online. For example, you are in a chatroom on an online dating site or social media. You met someone online you never met before and have not seen or you don’t know in your life. You are a rebellious teen want looking for love online and they person is far from your age like 30, you shouldn’t be talking to that person because you don’t what that person intentions is. My advice is that don’t date anyone older than you. You can socialize with that individual if you know them like a teacher, friend, co-workers, family and etc. Another don’t put your personal information on social media unless you are starting a business, because if someone don’t like you they can come where ever you at and do harm to you. Maybe leak your information all over the web and potentially lose your job and call or harass you, especially if you’re a content creator but use a different name not your real name.


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Sonic Is Going Extreme – A Unreleased Sega Game Revealed


YouTuber Unseen 64 uncover a hidden Sonic game called Sonic The Hedgehog Extreme which is developed by  Vision Scape Interactive (who also made Rocket Power) but the company didn’t get Sega permission to make the game. The goal of the game is you have as  Sonic and friends  in a Tony Hank style pro-skating game where you do tricks and collection rings. This game was a prototype and there are three modes Mission, Combat and Race.  Here is the details: The project started around 2002 and was heavily inspired by the developers previous titles that they had worked on. They wanted to use the models from Sonic Heroes and use the characters in the hover-boarding prototype. There were mission modes, racing modes, and music from Sonic Adventure 2. The team sat down with Sega to show them the project and ultimately, Sega ended communications with them about the game and moved on to make Sonic Riders on their own. Vision Scape believed that the premise of Riders was strikingly similar to the pitch that was presented two years earlier by Vision Scape.


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