Happy Eastern to all of you and welcome to another addition of Indies of The Week. This week’s theme is unique because I think indies are different and special in anyway. Let’s see what day’s indies will in store today.

8. Proxyndic – ?


This indie is a  Sci-fi action role-playing game, You play as a business man who battles rivaling syndicates. Note: There is not direct storyline in this game which developer stated. Also this game gives you freedom to whatever they want, joining three factions. There is alot of things to do such as playing card game, buying or sell stock, You can make your own syndicate and hire people as well. As for the combat you can use weapons and hand to hand, there is a survival system which you can eat, drink, sleep, and cleanse make sure you keep yourself happy. If you want a cyberpunk style indie game support it on Stream Greenlight.

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Indies of the Week #9 – Unique


I just want to say this yes I am a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, I enjoy showing gameplay to people who have a passion for gaming. Did you know that when a big Twitch streamer or Youtuber AAA+ titles due their following it could encourage viewers to buy the game and try it for themselves. As for Persona series known Shin Megami Tensei is unique in different, the development of the franchise is Atlus wanted to create a dedicated subseries focusing on the inner struggles of young adults and high school life. Series creators Kouji Okada and Kazuma Kaneko wanted the players to experience a high school student point of view. Persona is has a great character design style by Kazuma Kaneko and Shigenori Soejima depending on the tone of the game from light into dark. Don’t forget about the composer Shoji Meguro who known for his jazzy, hip-hop, rock and roll and mysterious themed soundtrack. As for the gameplay elements you have the combat system, Personas are a manifestations of a person’s psyche and themed after Classical mythology, Japanese deities and etc. Personas can be summon using Tarot cards (Persona 4) and sometimes using a gun through their head (Persona 3) or with their masks (Persona 5). You can also form bonds with each character with Social Links depending on your actions.


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Should I Persona 5 Due to Atlus Streaming Policy?


In video game community there is love in the air when a male hero saves a female princess from a villain or having a bond with each other. What about the LGBT community represent in video games? Do they get the same treat as other characters? In my top 5 blog post I will explore LGBT characters in video games because they needed to present like race. Here is my top 5 LGBT characters in video games I hope you enjoy.

Kanji Tatsumi – Persona 4


Kanji is your typical delinquent who has a thing for boys and hates girl. He was the fourth victim (after Yuikiko) of the Midnight channel, later on join Investigation Team. Kanji has a love interest with a fellow Investigation Team member named Naoto Shirogane (who is a girl in disguised) and has a Persona called Take-Mikazuchi.
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Top 5 LGBT Characters In Video Games


I am going to review two different Power Ranger games for SNES in one blog post. First I will review Mighty Morphin Power Rangers side-scrolling game than The Fighting Edition and both are developed by Natsume and published by Bandai. If you don’t what Power Rangers is let me tell you, Power Ranger is about teenagers given special powers and suits to fight off alien that treated earth. In Japan was called Super Sentai and the US it’s called Power Ranger. Fun fact: The American uses stock footage from the Super Sentai thanks to Saban Entertainment.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Side-Scrolling and Fighting Review


As a gamer you want to get the most cutting edge tech and the last AAA Titles for the new gen systems. Based on the statistic by New Consoles Revive the Ailing Gaming Industry sales on hardware when up $314 million in July 2010 and in the July 2013 sales drop $99 million. As for software in July 2010 sales when up to $403 million and July 2013 sales when down on July 2013 does it mean the later years sales on hardware and software goes down as well. There is another chart that PC and console games growth based on Video Games Revenue. In 2011 there is a spike for console gaming sales by $25 and in 2015 PC gaming sales when up between $20-25. As for sales dropping there is none in console gaming but in 2008, PC gaming drop between $15 and $10. Are we spending more on hardware or software it could be debate ever way, there is a concept for gaming hardware and software where you can get discounts on computer equipment called Cyber Monday. It’s a day that you shop online for discounts. People think it’s a day about buying computers hardware and other form of Technology but that’s not the case. You buy other products such as things such as toys, videos games, clothes and etc.

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Are You Spending Too Much Money On Gaming Hardware and Titles?


Welcome to another indies of the week! Today’s theme is animated which indie developer has a unique art style and gameplay from cartoonish and anime-like.  Lets see what indies out coming out

5. Psycho Bob – Libeedo


This indie is a run n gun plaformer game, it also has co-op if you want to play with a friend. This game takes inspiration from Metal Slug, Max Payne and Contra along with Evil Dead. The graphic is 2.5D with 360 degree angle, rag-doll physics, is present in this game. You plat as a lobotomized lab monkey named Bob who is a gun towing, speaking of weapons you have rocket lanchers, shotgun and many more. You fight to hordes of clones and mutants. If you want a crazy run n gun this is for you.  Psycho Bob is in Steam Greenlight make sure you support it.

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Indies of the Week #8 – Animated